Administration in Thanjavur

Thanjavur city which has always been the center point of administration in the reign of Chola, Pandyas and various others was declared a city with  a third grade municipality in 1866. After that with changing needs and time Thanjavur progressed to second then first grade and now a special grade municipality since 1983. It has been announced that Thanjvur municipality will be upgraded to municipal corporation soon. Till now it covers the area of 36.33 Km2 and has total members 51.


Thanjavur elects a member for Tamil Nadu state assembly once in five years and comes under Thanjavur State Assembly Constituency DMK and AIADMK parties have a good hold in the district.
Thanjavur also elects a member for lok sabha as it comes under Thanjavur Lok Sabha constituency.

The responsibility of maintaining law and order in the city comes under the Thanjavur sub division of the Tamil Nadu Police, headed by a Deputy Superintendent (DSP) of the area. The city has six police stations and one of them is an all-women police station.

The administration in the city is divided into several departments which regulate the norms and prosecutions in the city some of the main departments of administrative importance are as follows
  • Agriculture
  • District Rural Development Agency 
  • Office of survey and land records etc
  • Department Of Medical And Rural Health Services
  • Department Of Forest
  • District Social Welfare Office
  • Statistics Department
  • Fire Service Department 
  • District Rehabilitaion Office

Government Departments in Thanjavur

Department of Agri Business
Contact person: Mr.R.kalia raj                             
Deputy Director (AB)
49, Nanjikottai salai
Regulated market complex
Contact phone number:  04362 -255668
Email: [email protected]

District Rural Development Agency
Contact person: Joint director/project director
Address: District rural development agency, Collectorate campus, Thanjavur – 613001
Phone No:04362-231190
Fax No. : 04362-270065
E-mail ID: [email protected]

District Forest Office
Thanjavur Forest Division
Phone  :  Office :  240208  Residence :  24636
Address :  No. 9/13, Anna Nagar, 2nd Street
Medical College Road
Thanjavur - 613 004

District Social Welfare Office, Thanjavur
Address : District Social Welfare Office
135, Nanjikottai Road, Service Home Campus
Thanjavur – 613 006
Phone No: 04362 - 258501
Contact person: District social welfare officer

Department of Statistics
District Office Address
Deputy Director of Statistics
No.21, V.O.C. Nagar,
Thanjavur-613 007
Phone No. 04362-230 573

Divisional Assistant Director of Statistics
No.20, Railway Station Road,
Pattukkottai- 614 602
Cell No. 9445458109

Department of Public Health
Deputy Director of Health Services
Dr.A.Subramani, MBBS., DPH.,
Mobile No : 9791146511
Office Address : Deputy Director of Health Services, Gandhiji Road, Thanjavur
Office No: 04362 – 273503, 271695
E-Mail ID: [email protected]
Fax: 04362 – 273503  

Department of Tribal Welfare
Head of Office Designation: District Adidravidar and Tribal Welfare Officer
Address : Collectorate, Thanjavur
Phone No : 04362-230662

Thanjavur Municipality
2979/1,Gandhiji Road,
Thanjavur - 613001
Phone : 04362 - 231021
e-mail :[email protected]

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