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Society in Thanjavur

We all are strong headed individuals. We have aspirations, goals and desires that we try to achieve and work hard for. There is a tremendous network of human connection that plays its role to let us achieve our desires. So it is our sole responsibility that we give back a little bit in return to society that nurture us during various aspects of our life. Besides that there are many people who are not very fortunate like many of us in terms of money, family or relationships. They cannot be left to rot alone. We as humans have this duty to come forward and make them feel that they are not alone and give them adequate care and support. Thanjavur understands this human connection and hence it has several societies, NGOs, orphan ages etc. that try to play their role very aptly to protect them and give them a comfortable life as much as they can. A NGO cannot replace a family but it surely can give you chance to hold yourself together.

NGOs in Thanjavur

Social welfare organisations in ThanjavurNGO’s are sign of sympathy and humility of society towards its co inhabitants. They are a group of like minded people who want to do their bit as individuals to the society. They are active for various issues in the city from women empowerment and human rights, Child education and many more.
There are many NGO’s in Thanjavur:

  • Sand trust
  • Face
  • Reed Society
  • Sri Sri Babaji Mission
  • Shi Kaniamudan Memorial Trust
  • Integrated Women Development Center
  • Chinnaiyah Educational Society
  • Women Educational Development Social Service Trust
  • Kurinji Rehabilitation Center For Mentally Ill

Orphanages in Thanjavur

Home is heaven. But heaven is not provided to every person that walks on this earth. We should feel grateful for the family and comfort of living in our homes because there are many who are denied by God to this very ultimate fortune of having a house and a family. There are many orphanages in Thanjavur that cannot replace a family but try to give as much comfort as possible so that those unfortunates do not have to constantly fight and worry about shelter and food.

  • Bharathamadha Orphanage Trust
  • Mananoyali Punarvalvu Maiyam
  • Sangeetham

Old Age Homes in Thanjavur

Old Age Homes in ThanjavurThe requirement to have old age homes in any city has risen partially because of misfortunes that people suffer in their old age and nobody is there to take care of them and partially because of children of today that run away from taking responsibilities of their parents when they are weak and fragile and need constant care and support. Old age homes are funded by various donors that help them to spend rest of their lives with peace.

  • Nesam Old Age Home
  • Bharathamadha Orphanage Trust

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